Bryce Pre-Made Pouching Operation

Bryce Corporation, an industry-leading supplier of innovative flexible packaging and prepress solutions, is excited to announce further expansion of its Pre-Made Pouching Operation.  Continuing the Bryce Family’s commitment to investments in advanced technology, a fifth pre-made pouch line has been added to the fleet. It has the capability to produce a variety of unique pre-made bag and pouch styles.  Not only will this investment provide more capacity, but it will also expand the ability to meet the needs of a thriving pouch market.

Bryce has produced over 300 million pre-made bags and pouches, and is capable of producing a wide variety of quad-seal bags and bottom gusset stand-up-pouches.  Additional capabilities include, but are not limited to, a variety of re-close systems, including slider zipper, shapes, handles, and other shelf-appealing features for improved consumer functionality.  Bryce also has experience producing polyethylene pouches suitable for in-store drop-off. 

For more detailed information regarding this new asset, or other capabilities available at Bryce Corporation, please reach out to a member of the Bryce Sales Team (

Posted by Richard Williamson at 4:52 PM