Press Release: Bryce Corporation Invests $10 Million

Bryce Corporation Invests $10 million, Creates 20 New Jobs to Serve its Employees and Customers in a Time of Increasing Demand

MEMPHIS, TN, June 9, 2020 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Bryce Corporation’s packaging division is pleased to announce its investment of $10 million to expand its capacity, enhance its technical capabilities and generate an additional 20 jobs.  The Bryce family is committed to making long-term investment decisions even in uncertain economic environments to serve its employees, its customers and its markets in a time of increasing customer demand.

Bryce Corporation recently purchased a new Allstein Hydro printing press, developed and installed the world’s first fully automated extrusion laminator and added two new pouch making lines.  These and other investments will generate 12 new jobs in Memphis, Tennessee and eight new jobs in Searcy, Arkansas.    

“This is our third Allstein press purchased since 2017, and it’s not our last.  Gordon Whitelaw and his team created a step change technology with the Hydro press that solves bounce, flexographic printing’s oldest problem.  Collaborating with Allstein, we have been able to increase our printing speeds by up to three times our previous generation of assets and in some cases produce jobs that didn’t print well at any speed,” said Sean Bowie, President of the packaging division.  “Allstein approached the problem of bounce different than the rest of the market, and we are excited to collaborate with innovative suppliers to drive both of our businesses.”

Bryce Corporation has a history of collaborating with the best global press suppliers in the market.

“Over the past fifteen years, we have helped bring to market three different generations of 10-color presses made by Windmöller and Hölscher.  Peter Steinbeck and his team have supported my family’s business for longer than I’ve been working at Bryce, and their Vistaflex CL is still the best mandrel flexographic press for short-run production orders in the world,” noted Mr. Bowie.

Bryce Corporation continues to lean into investing into shorter production runs with printing, laminating and finishing technologies.

“Bryce is perceived in the market as a long run Snack Food packaging company.  And while it is a great market we are honored to serve, the facts are we produce over 10,000 jobs a year that are less than one press roll, and we do it with world-class efficiency.  We are both: a long-run and a short-run house, and we are investing in all parts of our business to serve the Snack Food, Confectionary, Petfood, Baking, Frozen Food, Beauty and other markets that want excellence in quality, service and value,” said Mr. Bowie.

Bryce Corporation recently developed and installed the world’s first fully automated extrusion laminator in its Searcy, Arkansas facility that improves efficiencies in short-run jobs to drive quality and value to its customers.  “Bryce engineering chose Cloeren Incorporated’s new new Reflex-Touchless Die controlled by Windmöller and Hölscher’s Die Control Wizard. The Cloeren technology has allowed touchless operation of the die since commissioning, month in and month out,” says Bryce Vice President of Manufacturing, Andy Pratt. 

“Cloeren sets the standard for extrusion technologies, and they raised the bar for Bryce with their new Touchless Die system.  We now have a fully-automated, short-run extrusion laminator that has best in class web profile,” noted Mr. Bowie. 

Bryce Corporation’s investment in two new Totani pouch lines brings its total annual production to almost 150 million pouches on seven production lines…and counting.  With this new investment, Bryce will add new technical capabilities to produce All PE Recyclable Pouches and support its continued investment in the circular economy.  Bryce has a history of producing sustainable and innovative packaging, including the world’s first 100% compostable food package in 2006.  Bryce’s internal pouch making capabilities include all major zipper styles and all major bag formats (bottom gusseted stand up pouches, quad seal pouches and flat bottom pouches) in addition to managing a network of third party suppliers to provide other solutions to Bryce’s customers. 

About Bryce Corporation

Bryce Corporation is an industry leader in film conversion, flexographic printing and the production of innovative flexible packaging solutions. Based in Memphis, TN, Bryce Corporation is a 4th generation family business conceived in the early 1920s that takes pride in the growth of its globally renowned customers through advances in technology and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Bryce Corporation has a relentless pursuit of quality and food safety and is proud it was the first major North American converter to obtain SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 2 Certification at all of its facilities in Memphis, Tennessee, and Searcy, Arkansas.   For more information on Bryce Corporation and its capabilities, please visit www.brycecorp.comServing customers by exceeding expectations.

Posted by Richard Williamson at 1:37 PM